Trust & Safety

All successful transactions primarily happens because of a level of respect and trust. That's why at Kroozzy trust and safety comes first, we have invested heavily in the safety of our community with phenomenal built in safety features, we would like to provide every ride with a high level of safety and security every time because Kroozzy operates off of trust, safety and security.


              Kroozzy Designed with Safety in mind


Fraud Prevention

Through the entire process of creating your Kroozzy account to ending your first ride, you're fully protected with Kroozzy's multi-layer prevention strategies. Strategies used such as photo ID verification, background checks, call making, SOS panic button, phone verification, email verification, tracking ride by family or friends, emergency contacts, real time live support chat.


Safe Call & Messaging

Calls or messaging through Kroozzy's website or mobile application allows you to communicate within Kroozzy community without sharing your private contact information. With our state of the art SMS and call masking in-app feature.


Customer Service

Kroozzy's friendly Support team is available via email or phone to make sure your experience and ride with Kroozzy is and will always be an enjoyable one.






Community Rules 

Do not offer to pay a Provider directly nor accept payments outside of Kroozzy. Kroozzy's in-app innovative payment gateway is for safety reasons, which prevents and avoid payment dispute.


Communicate Through Kroozzy Platform

Only use Kroozzy's mobile application to communicate with your driver or rider. The only way for Kroozzy to assist resolving a matter/ challenge is it occurs through the mobile application via call or message.


Be Nice

Treat others like you would like to be treated. We can all be nice, the best experiences come by treating User and Provider their vehicle, possessions time with kindness and respect.



                     Need Help? We're here for you


Protecting you as a rider, your possessions and you as a drivers safety is Kroozzy's number one priority. Have a questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to contact support, we're here for you, Kroozzy’s responsive Support Team is here to help! For a prompt response, contact us at with all questions and concerns.