How It Works

How to request a Kroozzy:

  •  Open the Kroozzy app, insert your destination and select the size vehicle of your choice.

  •  The app will ask for current location to match with the best driver.

  •  Driver profile image and vehicle details are provided in advance, including Estimated

    Time of Arrival

  •  Panic (big red) button on the app in the event of an emergency which contacts your five

  • (5) emergency contacts or the police.

  • Kroozzy is a cashless platform. Payment are made via credit card/debit card through

    your rider account.

  • After your ride you can rate your driver to assist us with keeping the Kroozzy community

    safe and improve services.

  • Receive email receipt after your ride.

    Need to get from point A to B in a flash? Request a KROO4, which is our economic way of getting around and holds a small party of four (4).

  • Need space or traveling with a party larger than four (4)? Request a KROO6, which holds a part of six (6) in a economic fashion.

    Need the luxury experience or heading to an special event? Request a KrooLux, which holds a party of four (4) or KrooXL, which holds a party of six (6).

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