About Us

Kroozzy is a ride sharing application connecting riders with drivers with a tap of a button in minutes. Kroozzy cars are available 24/7 for every occasion, with economy to luxury vehicles you can request an on demand ride with the Kroozzy app in minutes. Download the Kroozzy app, create your Kroozzy account and with a tap of a button your on your way. Very easy to pay with credit card/ debit card with your Kroozzy account. 

Heading to the grocery store? Airport? Or a night out on the town, Kroozzy will transport you to the event/ occasion. Download the Kroozzy app to enjoy your first ride. 

Other cool features include SOS panic button, gender base ride preference, car-pooling, ridesharing, taxi hauling, corporate rides, location tracking for family and friends, child seat preference, ride request for family/ friend, ride later, handicap accessibility and more. Other in app features includes: call masking between driver and rider which protects your number, internal text chat between rider and driver within the app, add emergency contacts, schedule future rides. Additionally, pause rides for riders whom would like to make a quick stop at a grocery store/ restaurant while riding. Lastly, the rider can rate the driver’s service to ensure a safe and fair rating system. 

The Application is the smart way of travelling, all with your smart phone and three little taps. Tap and locate your ride, Tap and book your ride. Tap and complete your ride. Your tap brings the driver to your location for the best ride experience of your life, each ride is better than the previous ride. No hassles of giving directions even for a change of destination as your driver know exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via the Kroozzy platform. Just sit back and enjoy your ride!